Monday, 18 December 2006

Internal Doors maintenance

Thank you for choosing Doors & More to supply your internal doors, we have put together a few words of advice to help ensure that you get the best from your purchase.

  1. Door must be kept stored flat and dry in a well ventilated area and should be fully sealed before use. Exposure to extremes of humidity or dryness should be avoided.
  2. A light sanding of all surfaces to remove any nibs or finger marks prior to painting and between coats is recommended for a better finish.
  3. When fitting, doors should be reduced equally and not excessively from both sides. Mortice lock / latch cavities being kept to the very minimum size and not located at rail joints such that they are weakened.
  4. From the many branded formulations of wood sealant / varnish – be sure to select one that is suitable. Avoid the use of water based finishes. Use only good quality solvent based finishes that have recognised sealing properties. Care should be taken when selecting some preparations based on “vegetable oils”. Apply the finish to all surfaces and edges ensuring any cut-outs are included, whilst paying particular attention to end grain. The bottom edge should be coated prior to installation.
  5. Regular maintenance should be undertaken to prevent breakdown or deterioration of the finish.
  6. We advise against installation of all types of internal door in new or recently plastered and screeded areas and will not accept responsibility for failures that are moisture related. i.e. swelling, twisting or bowing.


If we can be of any more help or offer any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.
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