Thursday, 23 November 2006

External Doors maintenance

Our doors are made from timber, which is a natural but sustainable material and is vulnerable if not properly protected from change in temperature and humidity. If exposed to such extremes without suitable treatment, natural movement or distortion such as swelling, warping or splitting can and will occur.

Other good tips

Reduce doors to fit equally from both sides, but not excessively, as this compromise the integrity of the door.

Fully seal glass rebates and backs of glazing beads prior to glazing on models supplied without glass.

Never fit mortice locks etc at rail joints as this may seriously weaken them.

Seal the door with two coats before fitting, then remove from the hinges, take off all ironmongery and coat each surface liberally with a number of coats including lock housings, before refitting. The number of coats advised by the manufacturer is usually a minimum requirement; it is wise to exceed this if possible.

Follow the sealant manufacturer’s instructions carefully, keeping a copy of the claims made for the product in the event it fails to perform.

Use a minimum of three 4” hinges

Always fit with a suitable weatherboard regardless of frame cill type fitted to prevent droplets of moisture hanging from the door bottom.

Future maintenance is most important if the door's good looks are to be retained over many years.
We recommend washing down with warm water and detergent every two or three years and re coating.


If we can be of any more help or offer any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.
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